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Employees are Hope of SINOTRUK Success

Ma Chunji

The establishment of SINOTRUK corporate culture has been fruitful with the inheritance and development by generations of SINOTRUK employees, especially for the recent six years, building the framework, realizing the breakthrough, continuing the sublimation and forming the specialty.  SINOTRUK is led and managed by the advanced corporate culture; now the status of SINOTRUK what all the employees are anticipating is forming: the company can get supernormal development when the market is good; the company can get fast development when the market is general; and the company can get continuous development when the market is at low level.

Development is the core of all the efforts of SINOTRUK, the aspiration of the staff, and the most important way of SINOTRUK to return the society and realize its value. At the same time, development is the key issue to solve all the problems of SINOTRUK. So grabbing the opportunities and speeding up the development is the theme of SINOTRUK.

To put people in the first, to be SINOTRUK of honesty and credibility. Human resource is the first resource of the company; employees are hope of SINOTRUK success. SINOTRUK employees are with the tradition of loving learning and thinking, are good at innovating, fighting with bad conditions, which are treasures and resources of the company.  However we should not too pride to stop making progresses; we should not dwell in the brilliant past; we should create a splendid future by constant conquering and over-passing ourselves, and making progress continuously.

We should study hard anytime to enhance all kinds of our abilities for our common career; we should be conscientious and practical, foresight, to work hard, to be solidarity, to take the whole situation in view, to strict budgeting and to keep improving; to build super product and to dedicate it to the society.


Through reform and development, SINOTRUK has created better environment for the employee’s development now by combining the values of employees and company together. SINOTRUK team can exert her executive force, creative force, and fighting force to enhance the corporate core competitiveness.


The vision of SINOTRUK is the recapitulative working guideline which every employee should abide by strictly, Party members especially the leaders should fulfill the vision, and furthermore, they should implement the vision into each item of work.

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