Sinotruk Group holds Civility Demonstration Perfor

date:2010-4-12 10:40:38


The 27 programs given by 27 delegations contained many art forms such as songs and dances, site plays, patters, cross talks, short comedies and so on, which were meticulously selected from more than 60 programs performed in establishment units, with more than 300 invention employees.

Mao Aohai  Song Lijun


Executive Editor: Yang Chunhua

On Dec 5, Sinotruk Group seriously held Civility Demonstration Performance. Leaders of the Group Company Cai Dong, Wang Donghui, Liu Rongjie, Li Guoxian, deputy chief directors and directors from each department watched the Performance together with employees.

Establishment units actively implemented “Regulations on Civility Criteria of External Communication of Sinotruk Group”, and launched each activity in accordance with “The Suggestion on the Arrangement of Vigorously Launching the Civility Demonstration Activity of Strengthen Quality and Establish Appearance”. Employees displayed the civility quality they have possessed in multi-angle and entire aspects by means of their own body languages.


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