Ethiopian clients receives technical training (Pho

date:2010-4-12 10:41:04


From Nov 24 to Dec 4, 21 maintenance technical service employees from 12 big transportation companies of Ethiopia participated in technical training courses in Sinotruk Products & Marketing Services Training Base.

In the second half of this year, with the development of import & export business of the Group, more and more training courses for overseas customers were launched. This session is the course with the largest amount of overseas customers in single batch since the establishment of the Training Base. The Training Center of the Group formulated practical training plan according to the training requirements of customers and the equipment features of the subscribed trucks, and distributed them English version manuals.

During the Training, chief trainer of the Training Base explained the equipment of entire truck and electric circuit of HOWO09 Style,the electrical appliance on entire truck of HOWO09 Style, Euro II Engine, HW19710T Transmission, HOWO Axle and structure and theory of Sitaier Axle to Ethiopian customers, and launched dismounting and assembly drills at each practice bases, systematically training determination of conventional faults and solutions.

During the Training, Ethiopian customers also visited some assembly line of Sinotruk. It is said that the second batch of 29 Ethiopian customers will participate in technical training courses of Sinotruk in the near future.

Liu Xingyi


Executive Editor: Yang Chunhua


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