SINOTRUK heavy truck exports to Nigeria

date:2011-3-17 10:07:59


Recently, the Chinese heavy truck and Nigeria, Africa's largest conglomerates, a successful signing of the 1500's export orders.

     With the success of SINOTRUK vehicle to sign a one-time domestic heavy truck industry, the largest export orders, marking the first quarter of this year, the Group achieved a good start exporting the vehicle. Eleventh Five-Year period, SINOTRUK out to vigorously implement the strategy for four consecutive years among the nation's vehicle export volume and export earnings of the first. The face of the first year of five-second, the Chinese heavy truck and then through the implementation of key technologies to create and re-upgrade, improve their competitiveness in the international market.

Targeting the international advanced technology, increase innovation, Sinotruk technical level in the original release of the new saddle, and the first application in China. New heavy truck saddle height of 1.4 m from the lower to 1.3 meters, making the car in terms of the force more uniform load, the vehicle has also been enhancing the applicability and reach the international standards. The use of new technologies and excellent value for money, ushered in the spring of China's heavy truck exports.

     Up to now, SINOTRUK has to undertake foreign orders 7000, has achieved full-year order of 1 / 3, export of tasks for the whole year laid a good foundation.


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