SINOTRUK First Quarter Results

date:2011-4-10 15:28:28


SINOTRUK accelerate the "go global" strategy, international marketing has entered a new situation, in the first quarter 3039 sales of heavy trucks, following the export of 14,000 in 2010, to continue to place among China's heavy truck industry first.
Reform and reorganization in 10 years, SINOTRUK attaches great importance to international strategy, international operations around the target company, strongly promoting the technology, products and international networks, international brands, a solid out to explore the international market and out of the international strategy new road. 2007 to 2010, only SINOTRUK export amounted to 51,000. 


In the first quarter, SINOTRUK international market development showed significant characteristics, namely, the export department staff really go out and carry out the work of regional international marketing, international marketing orders continue; the second is to win the international market acceptance of new products, HOWO-A7 Product Realization exported in large quantities; third is the international market segment segmentation strategy results are obvious, product orders achieved over a broad area of ​​good regional markets complementary situation; Fourth, attach great importance to users of the system, focusing on customer service work is solid in place, also won the African customers a one-time 1500 big list.


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